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Cover caps for aluminum rims / Centering rings

Cover caps for cast wheels not only have an aesthetic function but they also provide great protection for vehicle wheel bolts against mud simultaneously preventing potential damage. We sell top quality cover caps for cast wheels of different sizes and complexity. Make sure that the wheels of your vehicle have a reliable protection against dirt and enjoy solid and tidy appearance of your vehicle.

Centering rings are accessories that drivers, who care about their own and their passengers’ safety, must have. Absence of a centering ring increases the risk of fitting the wheel in a wrong position or deforming the rim. The most important thing is to make sure that light alloy rims would stay in the centre and this requires centering rings. “Autosmilga” offers centering rings of various dimensions for all rim types.

We offer our customers the top qualitycover caps for cast wheels and centering rings for an affordable price – see for yourself.

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