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Production of stickers

We manufacture exclusive and stylish branded, informational accessories designed specifically for vehicles. The range of our products includes stickers of various shapes, with different inscriptions and signs, simple and polymer (embossed).

Stickers can function as means of information dissemination: to warn about vicious dogs, video surveillance cameras, indicate entries/ exits, and prohibitions. Such stickers can be used in any premises or in outdoor areas.

Accessories designed for vehicles not only serve as excellent means for informing other drivers (“M” sticker, “Maple leaf”, “Keep a safe distance”, etc.) but also for refurbishing and decoration of your vehicle or hiding dents and rust.

“Autosmilga” is engaged in manufacture of branded stickers as well. We layout and manufacture simple and polymer (embossed) stickers based on individual orders. Sizes, colours, and shapes of stickers may vary.

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